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Mon, Jan. 24th, 2011, 11:51 pm
where my peoples @... (revision 2)

where my peoples @
what's that sound?, that "rat a tat tat"
oh that just those people who've got my back
without query, & without slack?
I ask you, where my peoples @?
it's time for thumping heads
time to call in the feds
someone's going to feel some dread
(possibly) torn & tattered flesh covered with that life giving red
where my peoples @??
the one's that know even when I'm not around
they can call on me for whatever & I'm always down
when it's time to cracks some skulls and take out a few clowns
when I'm practically empty, they save the day down to the last rounds
where my peoples @???
even after all the fun
and the day's had it's run
mission accomplished, job well done
time to pass the torch & make sure it shines bright like the sun
where my peoples @????

Sat, Apr. 10th, 2010, 07:21 pm
from 2005 & 2006

I love you just as much no worries I'll be here awaiting your return
you are of my heart & dreams and my one TRUE concern
you my my soul & heart burn
it is for you I yearn
I await the chance to kiss your lips
lick you all over and squeeze your hips
play with that nanni until you orgasm as it drips
I am your now and forever
let YOU GO??? never, Never, NEVER!!!
thoughts of you make me lose control
I am your Baby Mind, Body, & Soul!!!!
these words & feelings ring true
I love, miss, want, & need you my Sexy Mofu

from day one you've been aware of my attraction
I'm far from a chimaera & momentary distraction
so let others "sing their "doubtful song"
I here to tell you the truth as well as prove them ALL wrong
even though it bothers you that a desire of mine is to have you as my wife
my plan is to spend the rest of my days by your side sharing the rest of OUR life
from the the very beginning of this relationships start
you have been the air in my lungs and the pounding in my chest & heart
don't be troubled by the madness spewed by another's "false breath"
the only thing that will keep me from your side is intervention by the grim reaper & death
So have no worries my Love & desire for you remain full & true
never worry nor question my intentions as with everything I an I LOVE YOU

I awoke with you on my mind
details of you slowly unwind
I want your heart and give mine in return 
I want to be the answer to your loneliness as  well as reason you no longer yearn
I want to the spin which gives your world reason to turn
I want to be that spark which makes your passions burn
I want to that candle you ignite 
and allow to burn late in to the morn after burning it most if not all night

baby ya outta control & sexy as hell
on you my thoughts often dwell
I can see you clear as bell & I know you
old things become new again as there are
many things I wish to share & show you
p o s s i b l y, a select few
give a little "brain food" for chew
viewing the dawn and condensation & dew
kisses, soft gentle kisses shared
past "crimes" erased & cleansed slate
playing catch up cuz it seems we're running late
I know you relate no need to over compensate.
I'm you next & your last first "blind" [pun intended] date
I await the chance to encounter you soul
because baby you're sexy as hell & outta control

I apologize for seemingly "running away scared"
I apologize for not being unprepared [to deal with you]
I apologize for giving up [before]& dropping the ball
I apologize for being too intimidated to give you a call
I apologize for being a bit out of reach
I apologize for those missed walks along the beach
I apologize as we would be much better & farther along
I apologize for not yet knowing the name of your favorite song
I apologize as I cannot stop thinking of "Lafayette" when I think of you
I apologize for wanting you as I do
I apologize for sitting here I think of you, wishing we were eye to eye
since you being you gives me reason to see beyond the limits of the sky
be my Bonnie & I'll be your Clyde
I want to share everything I am from you there is nothing I'll hide
reality sits in and I slowly realize
that this isn't the end and only the beginning & not really a reason to apologize

there are a few things I want to throw at you
none of which will make you duck, leave a bruise nor make you black & blue ;)

Tongues meet as if old friends
I find I am lost in your soul, lost in you, no longer now where I begin and you end
Queen that you are, I only ask to share your throne
providing you with emotion so never again shall you feel alone
my place is by your side, where I long to stand
protecter of your heart, holder of your hand
My Scorpio, my sensual, my sexy freak
My body listens and responds as your body calls out and speaks
I often think of brushing your hair aside
As I kiss your neck, pulling you to me, taking notice of how gently our bodies collide
I sweat when I think of how it will be once Iím inside
From behind as well as when you ride
I want to share eskimo kisses nose to nose
I want to be the reason your moisture flows
I want to be the reason your libido grows
I want to suck your fingers, nipples and toes
I want to commit to memory the sounds you make
I want to cover and surround you with kisses like icing on a cake
I want to kiss you long & deep creating warm memories
I want to explore carnal & tantric discoveries
I ache to be the reason you sigh deep
I long to cause of your smile when you sleep
I want to be your love as well as your lust
I want our souls to continue to mingle long after our bodies are made dust
I want to touch you inside and out
I want to erase all skeptism, fear and doubt
I want to be the reason that when you close your eyes, you smile
I want you to be aware the distance between us is but a temporary trail
Darling, you've touched me in more ways than one
I know with you I'm not settling, gone is my desire to flee/run
you make me smile, I am facinated by you and addicted to your charm
I know that in giving myself to you my heart & love will see no harm
you are all I want and then a bit more
it's you whom I cherish, it's you who I ADORE

you being you is cause enough to want to make you laugh until your face is sore
don't forget you owe me [smile] and DAMN straight, I'm keeping SCORE
I'll forgive you this time for your word choice
I'll explain what I mean next time I hear your voice
know that my heart pleasantly aches for you
and without a doubt I miss you too

bearing down upon me like a weight I could not lift
and then destiny smiles on me bearing a precious gift
as if plucked from a dream possibly a memory
I've been blessed to find that which seems to be part of me

Sometimes it feels as if both blessing & a curse
happy to have found her but missing her grows forever worse
All I want to hear her voice on the phone
but I catch myself listening to just a dial tone
as I don't want to smother her nor push her away
yet in all as happy as I am, I ache for her in the worst way

drunk off emotion I'm quite intoxicated
is this love which has me so elated
our plan is to make up for time passed
shining light where previous shadows were cast
at the same time forging that which we hope won't end
I want her to be partner in crime, lover, & friend

approaching midlife as time grows late
I thought I was destined to be forever alone, ignored by fate
bearing down upon me like a weight I could not lift
and then destiny smiles on me bearing a precious gift
as if plucked from a dream possibly memory
I've been blessed to find that which seems to be part of me

sometimes it feels as if both blessing & curse
happy to have found her but missing her grows forever worse
I want to hear her voice on phone
but I catch myself listening to a dial tone
as I don't want to smother her nor push her away
yet in still happy as I am, I ache for her in the worst way


24 hours ago I was lost
and wondering the price of happiness as wells as love's cost
but it's a new day and my joy is abundant
no longer do I feel as if I'm a pawn & this life is redundant
found as if by chance
possibly love at first glance
I felt compelled to take a chance
rather than fall subject to circumstance
honestly I tell you I half expected
to be sent on my way thoroughly rejected
but her words were like a warm embrace
and we connected, no we BONDED as if blessed by Divine grace
now I can't get this damn smile of my face
and can think of nothing but her scantily clad in silk & lace
I've been given reason to yet again believe in  magic
when yesterday I felt empty, broken, and was positive my life would forever be empty & tragic
forever we'll be connected via common ties which bind
so I take this time to thank you for the truth you've helped me find

Sun, Oct. 25th, 2009, 09:06 pm
miserably broken

we need to find a new way of dealing with criminals as the current system is not just broken it's also riddled with corruption as prisons practically equate to being slavery farms, in which some inmates are forced into doing hazardous labor which in the civilian world would draw large annual salaries. It's not just a scam, it's an injustice.
I'm tired of not just being out right lied to by those who are suppose to assist me in enriching my existence but the hypocrisy & double standards by which they live and issue policy has choked the life out of al that was once thought to be great about the US of A.
It seems our government sees society as nothing more than chess pieces they bicker over in their games of deceit & destruction rather than willingly offering assistance or advise or living up to being "children of this country's founding fore fathers" and living up to their words and laws rather than hiding behind shady policies and money schemes…
until we stand up for something rather than continuing to accept situations as they are, until we stop allowing the government & military to bully us like an abusive alcoholic step dad, until we make them understand it's time they "protect & serve" literally rather than ideally, rather than protecting themselves, serving up beat downs and their own take on justice… We need to realize AND make those in power realize they are only in power because we allow them to remain that way… actually I think this is by design, "allow just enough chaos & misery to fester and no one will be the wiser of the duplicity involved as the'll be concerned with their own misery rather than that of the nation as a whole"
we need to stand up, we need to wake up we need to make them afraid of US, we need to make them accountable to the laws and policies they dictate and are suppose to uphold, we need to make them understand that we've had enough and that we won't take too much more…. This cam all be done without violence, without rioting, and I GUARANTEE the outcome will bring about positive results. What would it take you ask??? shut them down!!! Show them that they need us more than we need them by not spending any money at ALL at first to test on a weekend, next one day a week increasing to as many days a week as it would take to effect change….
If they continue to allow the cost of living to steadily increase as it has been, it will soon reach the point where the minimum standards for living will be unattainable.... we need to make a preemptive strike & eliminate the reliance on the dollar making it worthless, we need to barter & show that they have less control over US than they believe… but I am dreaming as we as a society have learned too much of the government's bad habit and seek out greed and enjoy capitalism too much, FAR too much.
We need to try new systems of government, of church, & of state as the concepts & constructs currently in place are miserably broken

Thu, Sep. 24th, 2009, 08:05 pm
Conflict & First Impressions [Internet Profiles0

Loving to surf the internet as I do, I end up viewing a lot of different profiles on various websites around the Internet and there is something about the owners of the aforementioned profiles that makes me scratch my head! It has to do with contrast / conflict / first impressions. I have found that sometimes an individuals words are in direct conflict with the photos that they post to their profiles. How can can someone on the one hand have the nerve to post that they are a person of their god and on the other hand have "less than godly" photos posted? How can one claim to be a good person when the photos one posts shows that the opposite appears to be true? How can one have the nerve to be upset by the words they might receive from individuals via correspondence when they post photos that suggest they might be receptive to the mail they might receive… Remember First impressions? On the Internet a photo offers a first impression as a LOT of people are too lazy to read what some one may have posted about themselves and go for the "eye candy"… People see my avatars and hit me up due to their attention being grabbed & I'm approached correctly without BS as their first impression of me is one that revolves around  creativity. Let's get it right people, if you want to be respected then present yourself in a respectable manor else don't dare complain about the shit that comes your way…

Tue, Sep. 15th, 2009, 09:23 pm
Privacy & Free Speech

rather than smile or grin
the times we live in
make me sadly lower my head
when a president's speaks
what we're all thinking
and it reach is far spread
you've all got the nerve
to be upset
acting all huff and in a sweat
now a comment which we all know
was true and well deserved
has the public at large upset
and all unnerved by a comment
has considered an understatement
& well deserved

It's a very very, sad sad day
when one who has vowed to protect
your rights isn't granted the very
same right to freely bring thoughts
to the light

Apologies Mr. President, you're
under enough scrutiny, I furthermore
apologize for what might appear to be
mutiny No worries I start a petition
if they decide to impeach as even you
deserve privacy & the right to free speech

Tue, Jun. 9th, 2009, 11:04 am
Voight, Gengrich & others need to get a clue...

After reading this I have to wonder is this Gingrich's way of throwing in his bid for the next presidency? It has been less than 1/2 a year and President Obama is being called a failure? How can he be a failure when the economy is an issue that was created by the former administration?? How can such a statement be uttered by someone who probably had a hand in the aforementioned "failure"??? Give the man a chance before condemning & criticizing actions taken due to your "pals" missteps...

Republicans, Lawyers, & (it seems some) Actors, Should just Fuck Off!!! Yes Mr Gingrich, Mr Bush, Mr Cheney, & Mr Voight (along with your sympathizers) that special fuck off is for you! I hope your 'nads rupture during your next viagra induced priapism...

Sun, Jun. 7th, 2009, 07:45 pm
My Claim

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Sun, Nov. 30th, 2008, 07:19 am
the funeral for "love at first sight / Destiny

It saddens me to believe that I missed the funeral for "love at first sight
where was my notification? lost in the mail?? That's just not right!
You & I were tight
If I'd known you were in danger
I'd have done my best to protect you from that eternal night
had you just voiced your plight
I'd have given my life to keep you from walking into the light
mixed emotions from angry to sad
I can't believe you were allowed to pass on as if you were a fad
I will forever miss you as well as the chance to play "cat & mouse chase with you
I'll cherish the last time I kissed & embraced with you
I will never forget you, you are forever a part of me
every orchid I see
does well to remind me
of the love we shared
how deeply we cared
how into one another's eyes we stared
how we felt protected & eased the urge to be scared
I love you now and always you made up the best of what was We
Trying to make up for it trying to ensure a second chance, you'll never fade from my memory
I lost you by circumstance so I'm off to assist & protect Destiny

Sun, Nov. 30th, 2008, 07:16 am
Trust Issues

trust issues

do you know why a child will jump into your arms at the drop of a hat? Children trust unconditionally when they know you care & love them they will trust you & love you wholeheartedly no matter the length of time that they know you. Adults, or those masquerading as such, are far too cynical to love unconditionally. cynicism, in addition to rational thought & logic or the facade there of tends to cause "adults" to not be very trustful as it's always necessary to prove ones worth rather than be taken at face value as well as by ones words.

Thu, Oct. 30th, 2008, 08:49 pm
Love [Etheree]

a gift
from within
deep affection
endlessly intense
romantic attachment
infinite passion abound
solicitude cherished by all
feelings expressed without compromise
besotted beyond infatuation

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